Choosing the right ground engaging tools is funadmental in keeping your excavation and earth moving machinery at its top performance


CAMS provides wear solutions for mining, infrastructure development and other challenging industrial wear applications. Keep your machinery's performance up to date with our wide range of genuine and cost effective high quality OEM alternative GETs, suited to all aspects of heavy excavation.


Part of our ground engaging supply line includes the following:

• Cutting Edges

• Teeth

• Segments

• Ripper Shanks

• Side cutters

• Pins and Retainers

• Blades

• Front Loader Buckets

• Excavation Buckets

• Shovel Buckets


CAMS are in partnership with a OEM manufacturer providing the highest quality ground engaging tools at the best available price. We supply everything from heel protectors to tungsten buttons. We also offer a complete range of bucket protection for excavators.

We draw on the expertise of our personnel on the ground, who have time tested most makes and brands of GET, to provide you with the best options. 

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